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MIS Universal EMR

Smart Medical Information System
MIS is a multi-environment clinical tool designed to manage multispecialty care flow (OR, ICU, PICU, cardiology, oncology, gynecology…) based on clinical management with clinical and economic indicators.

MIS Modular Architecture

MIS consists of a flexible, modular architecture that enables tailored solutions to the needs of each client. MIS allows defining the views of the clinical departments, procedures control in real time, alerts and identifies anomalies in physiological data and exploits the generated results into statistics to optimize the hospital management.

MIS Made for and with Clinicians

MIS meets the needs of healthcare operating flow efficiency, safety and costless. MIS is a personalized clinical tool that configures and customizes your clinical workflow and the creation of clinical guidelines based on your conditions, allowing maximizes time procedures and minimizing human errors.

MIS Compressive Clinical Solution

MIS is a compressive clinical solution multi-lingual, multi-agency, multi-user and multi-environment, which helps standardize and homogenize the quality of clinical information to optimize the operation time of care, allowing continuous access to “all” clinical patient information in a fast, intuitive and efficient way.

MIS Benefits

MIS is a universal solution that allows homogenized capturing of clinical information to create a high quality e-history with a modular and flexible architecture, which allows multiple deployment scenarios and natural scalability, enabling collaboration with other information systems, improving patient safety, minimizing risks and maximizing patient care time.

MIS Personalized Solution

MIS Personalized Healthcare Solutions aims to become the standard of clinical information system that can cover any medical specialty for any user profile. MIS is designed by and for health staff in order to improve and globalize clinical information systems.

MIS Smart Platform

The robust, friendly and intelligent system performs all functions and procedures associated with patient medical record for each user of the system, without being intrusive and without losing information, interoperating with any source of information such as system or medical device.

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