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Smile Home Care represents and distributes its own solutions based on Tele-care and patient monitoring technology, in order to create a differential value to their competitors.
To achieve this objective, Smile Home Care unifies data acquisition devices, the performance of operators including remote video-care and the medical activity as well as the follow-up of the patient in a technological framework, ensuring the environment addressed: Home Care Health.

Home Health Care Platform

The Home Health Care platform has been designed to optimized the home care procedures for patients in a short, medium and long term care. Using our technology, you can improve the efficiency in the daily workflow of physicians and clinical staff responsible for telemedicine programs and control the treatments and follow-up of the patients remotely. The outcomes will be based in patient safety and security, a unique integration of different services associated to any diagnosis, being agnostic to any Brand or Model of Medical device used for the Telemedicine programs as well as having a Resource’s Cost Optimization.

The platform gives us the ability to treat clinical and / or surgical follow-up, chronic diseases, palliatives and carry out prevention based on a system supporting evidence-based medical decisions. Home Health Care integrates both part of clinical data either from any device, information system or clinical data source in order to carry out the home care medical workflow. Independently we collaborate with external systems; government entities, health institutions (insurance companies, hospital groups and others) and clinical and hospital environments to return the necessary information to the daily patient assessment according to the market needs using data exchange standards.

The platform is based on the cloud and allows access it from any mobile device or browser being multi-user profile, multi-entity, multi-specialty and multi-language to give a universality based on the geolocation of patients.

Home Care Health Programs

Our multi-access platform (web portal, mobility, intelligent access devices) allows you to follow-up patients at home by integrating all relevant medical information and share with the reference center or any entity that requires patient's data based on the following modules:

  • Tele-monitoring Services:
    We provide a syncronuous and asyncronuous data capture for a wide range of different medical devices
  • Tele-care Services:
    Our system allows you to perform a tele home care that entirely controls the activity of the patient at home.
  • Second Opinion Services:
    Allows a second opinion evaluation from experts or specialists to add medical information to the case.
  • Nursing at Home Services:
    Controls nursing Domiciliary Workflow activities improving the status and safety of the patient.
  • Emergency at Home Services:
    Manages the request of emergency medical services at home depending on the specialty and patient criteria (age, disease, type).
  • Rehabilitation at Home Services:
    This module allows to take the monitoring and control of traumatic and surgical therapies home rehabilitation using local or remote assistance.
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