Medikos Home Care Program


Our Smile “Home Health Care” Technology Platform provides the following medical services programs:


Tele-Monitoring, Tele-Care, Second Opinion, Nursing at Home, Emergency at Home and Rehabilitation at Home.




  • Tele-Monitoring: We provide medical device motorization for patients that need continuous home care follow up based in diseases or pathologies. We detect alarms and patient risk situations to prevent re-hospitalizations and integrate this information with the responsible care providers of each patient.
  • Tele-Care: Based in clinical guides, protocols and recommendations at facilities’ discharge, we provide a continuous follow-up of the working list requirements to control vital signs, drug administration, glucose test, telemetry, etc.
  • Second Opinion: We provide professional services that allow having a medical second opinion including home visits, diagnosis, prescriptions and reports.
  • Nursing at Home: Based in clinical guides we assure a complete nurse home service that include work check list, clinical notes, physical exam, vital sign measurements and drug administration.
  • Emergency at Home: We provide 24/7 physician emergency services at home.
  • Rehabilitation at Home: We deliver rehabilitation programs at home to follow up the health evolution of the patient that includes scales, check list and clinical reports.


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