Psychiatric EMR

Psychiatric Patient Center Solution

Nexo is a New Paradigm of Psychiatric EMRs
Nexo is a software solution focus on psychiatric history based on EMR getting all the information of diagnosis, treatment, allergies, tests, risks, and making appointments, which implies immediate access psychiatric patient information, optimizing time and efficiency.

Specialized Psychiatric Medical Record

Nexo is an advanced and modular Psychiatric Electronic Medical Record that adapts to the business rules of each client. Nexo optimizes the quality of diagnosis and management of psychiatric record also allows continuous collaborative interaction with all members of the mental health team to create a high quality Psychiatric Electronic Record.

Nexo Universal Patient Center

Nexo allows to standardize and homogenize the data capture of the clinical psychiatric information, providing a greater dedication of time to carry out the diagnoses and the treatments focusing all the attention in the patient. Nexo is based on a unique work methodology in the market that allows aligning technology with medical knowledge to optimize patient care processes.

Nexo Technology Mission

The creation of an agile and flexible tool based on a Clinical Dashboard that allows carrying out the study of mental illness, accessible in real time from any technology environment health and allows the physician to assess and evaluate the patient's health status, increasing safety and strong supporter of medical decision making.

Nexo Benefits

Nexo is a multi-lingual, multi-agency, multi-user and multi-environment solution that allows homogenized capturing of psychiatric clinical information to create a high quality psychiatric e-history with a modular and flexible architecture, which allows multiple deployment scenarios and natural scalability, enabling collaboration with other information systems

Nexo Psychiatry & Virtual Consult

Nexo Psychiatry & Virtual Consult aims to become the standard of psychiatric clinical information system that can cover any psychiatric specialty for any user profile. Nexo Psychiatry is designed by and for health staff in order to improve and globalize psychiatric clinical information systems. Nexo allows to do Psychiatric Virtual Consults through a chat and video conference system for support and visual contact by the physician, fully integrated with the Clinical History, also allowing an inter-professional communication, providing a remote management of Psychiatric Virtual Consults.

Nexo Smart Platform

The intelligent, robust and friendly platform performs all functions and procedures associated with patient medical record for each user of the system, without being intrusive and without losing information, interoperating with any source of information such as system or medical device.

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