Medical Imaging Archiving System

PACS System

Universal Multi-PACS

m-PACS Information System
This solution provides a multidisciplinary and multi-entity central storage system "m-PACS" (Multi Instance PACS) with which each specialty center where studies have been generated can be store in a unique dedicated Archiving System without interfering between their Workflow's using a Multi Instance cache PACS. m-PACS provide also a Wado capability to review online the studies and transfer images with a high speed performance as well as review and work with the images through an internal DICOM Viewer offering many tools for any modality image.

PACS Modular Architecture

m-PACS Image Manager/Image Archive (according to IHE) is a framework containing the DICOM, HL7 services and interfaces that are required to provide storage, retrieval, and workflow to a healthcare environment. m-PACS is based in an Open Source Based Solution pre-packaged and deployed within the JBoss application server according to all the standards of the market. By taking advantage of many JBoss features (JMS, EJB, Servlet Engine, etc.), and assuming the role of several IHE actors for the sake of interoperability, the application provides many robust and scalable services. The architecture provides modules for Web Management Portal, Storage, persistent data storage, DICOM Query and Retrieve, WADO and RID, HL7 interface, hanging Protocols, CD Export, Notifications and DICOM services (Mpps, GPWL, MWL).


m-PACS DV is a multipurpose web-based DICOM viewer with a highly modular architecture. It has been designed to meet several expectations of clinical information systems and their future evolution regarding medical imaging: providing a web-based access to radiological images, as well as offering multimedia capabilities. Its plug-in based architecture offers a wide flexibility for real-time adding of new components, like data compression modules or specific image analysis tools. m-PACS DV can be easily connect to any PACS supporting WADO via a web portal or as an XDS-I consumer in an IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) environment. The DICOM Viewer support many tools such as measurements, ROI, 3D, Presets, LUT, Filters, MIP, MPR, Orientation and many other that could be easily developed and implemented in the system.

m-PACS Benefits

m PACS Solution allows multiple entities to integrate Medical Images (DICOM or Standard formats) provided from many different sources or Modalities (XRAy, US, MRI, CT, etc.) to be store in a modular archiving system, interoperable with any third party information system. The data management (demographics, study description and images control) as well as the visualization of the Medical Images (DICOM Viewer) are in a web base portal to help and increase the efficiency of radiological Workflows.

Medical Imaging Platform

The robust, web user friendly interface and efficient system performs all functions and procedures associated with radiologic patient´s Workflow for each user of the system, without being intrusive and without losing information, interoperating with any source of information such as RIS or EMR. The Platform capture any kind of Medical Image from any Modality, being agnostic to Brands and Models.

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