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Let´s make the change and help to create a better World.
Let´s be social, let´s try to be generous through our benefits. We must share and create new solutions to make better actions every single day. Medikos participates in two awesome projects: "BView" and "Tree of Life".


BView is a platform consisting on hardware devices (like a Portable Tactile Vision System scientifically proven) and Software modules that reduces limitations that people may have in their lives due to their physical or mental conditions.

The goal is to teach children with severe visual impairment or blindness to interpret and understand the environment autonomously to get them to integrate naturally with their classmates. The concept is based on transmitting through a built-in goggles blind person camera, the received image to an array of dynamic points that trace format highlight the image to encourage the person to recognize their environment through passive touch.

Tree of Life "TOL"

TOL is a new technological platform that invites to know you into a new different way. The platform is based on your likes and with your own decision you´re CREATING YOUR WORLD.

Learn to enter into a new Emotional Balance Life today and every day.

Tol is composed by different games and apps that handle with all the aspect of our life to make you feel better and also to find the way to collaborate and help others together. If you feel good you can make others feel better.

TOL connects people to help people. We, ALL TOGETHER, can create a NEW CONNECTUS ERA.


Let´s learn how to life a happier life!! Let´s try to be the best you can!!.
Train and play with all the aspect of your life!!
 Intellectual: Learn resources to expand knowledge, improve skills and experience life more fully.
 Emotional: As you achieve emotional balance, you are able to identify your heart’s desires, take positive action, and make changes in your life.
 Social: Buil a strong social support network and find your best activities that make you share and feel better.
 Environmental: Being environmentally well enhances your personal health, and helps ensure the future health of our communities and the world.
 Spiritual: Believe your spirituality and personal faiths are secret elixirs in your life.
 Occupational: Seek personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through a work that you love.
 Financial: Satisfaction with your current ans future financial situation. Money like a way to life not the reason for life.
 Physical: Take good care of your physical body. Be in armony with your physical activity, nutrition, sex, and sleep.

BView: Smart Blind Kids Program

The aim of the platform BView is to help people visually impaired to integrate into society.
The core learning process of BView is divided in three different phases: The first one is based in "Stimulation" Students receive passive tactile stimulation through the tactile stimulator in order to identify his environment, the second is base in the student's "Feelings" Students feel the stimuli through the touch and process and learn in his brain the process acquired from the stimulation phase, then the last is integrating the information and is called "Perceiving" Students organize the sensation and provide them with a meaning and are ready to recognize shapes and features.
To be part of the program, you only need to have this two admission's criterias:
1. To be a severe visual impairment total or functional blind.
2. and to be a student between 4-14 Years Old (K-8).
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