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The Big Challenge

In a market of healthcare technology, often biased by heterogeneous, non-collaborative and non-interacting medical systems, the main actors (physicians, doctors, nurses…) require efficient environments to avoid feeling overloaded by the use of systems that consume excessive time, resources and efforts.
Actually, the different IT solutions (EMR, PHR, HER, PDMS, etc.) currently provided by manufacturers rely on a rigid and airtight system, based on specific and narrow views of clinical information. These approaches tend to be very rigid in terms of interoperability, resulting poor interfaces between distinct sources of information and displaying little or absence of maneuver execution.

Medikos Interoperability Solutions

Our new paradigm of medical information system based on converting the available medical knowledge into actionable knowledge (translational science), provides access to “all” clinical patient information in a fast, intuitive and efficient way independently of the profile or healthcare target institution. This information is “ready to use” for clinical practice and patient follow up and opens the door for a person-center diagnosis and interventions. The robust, friendly and intelligent system performs all functions and procedures associated with patient medical record for each user of the system, without being intrusive and without losing information, interoperating with any source of information such as system or medical device. Medikos Connectivity aims to become the standard of clinical information system that can cover any medical specialty for any user profile.

Interoperability Benefits

The attractiveness of the system lies in the conversion of the information into knowledge, the flexibility of managing, combining and displaying such knowledge, support for decision-making, and the transformation of “static” into actionable knowledge in terms of diagnosis and prevention of risks. The power and versatility of the architecture utilized in the platform design minimizes human error, maximizes clinical efficiency and patient safety, and reduces the cost of both: infrastructure and information system. The proposed platform has a sustainable model-based business on multiple commercial bases (pay as SAAS and /or payment for purchase of license even through apps) that ensures and facilitates its implementation in a variety of environments. Medikos Connectivity is designed by and for health staff in order to improve and globalize clinical information systems.

Healthcare Interoperability Technology

Interoperability and connectivity solutions development ​​by HIT are focus to capture and standardization of patient data in real time, allowing you to have a dash board of all clinical patient data and instant assessment. Hit Connect solution allows you to minimize the possible errors of manual data capture, maximizing patient care and improving decision-making.
HIT is a smart solution that captures, standardizes, manages and visualizes the data donated by multiple electro medical devices by integrating data regardless of manufacturers and models, which has:
 Integration of the various Central Monitoring and Devices: enables all monitoring systems into a single interface with graphical display of relevant information.
 Average Data: performed according to the requirements of the medical staff of each department.
 Alert System: manage real-time alerts customized to the individual patient
 Viewer Event: such as alerts, alarm, out of range values established by the medical staff.
 Clinical Dashboard: designed to display anatomical groups. Fully user configurable.
 Drug Administration Cardex: in Cardex format or tables.
 Medical Images Viewer (DICOM): MRI, CTS, X-Ray’s, ultrasounds, etc.
 EAI engine for connecting to external IT systems: laboratories, microbiology, radiology, pharmacy...





Nukleus: The New Intelligent Medical Data driven paradigm

Nukleus is the door to universal access to health data, minimizing errors and duplication often present in EMRs, and maximizing the services offered by the medical staff, as well as the safety of patients. Nukleus Connectivity is scalable and easy to use.
The New IT paradigm based in Intelligent Transformation of medical knowledge into actionable knowledge (translational science) could evolve into a new “Blue Ocean Strategy” for the Medical Device Connectivity Healthcare market segment with potential benefits as:
1. Any Facility, Institution or Specialty will be supported.
2. Focus in the real actor: the patient.
3. Helping people who are important for the security of this actor: Physicians, Nurses and technicians that will benefits of a single interface to have all the information embedded and they will be assisted through our Medical Decision Support to better define diagnosis, procedures and prevent organ failures.
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