Our Technology

We align knowledge with technology

Our new technological paradigm of medical information system based on converting the available medical knowledge into actionable knowledge (translational science), provides access to “all” clinical patient information in a fast, intuitive and efficient way independently of the profile or healthcare target institution

Medikos technology provides innovative medical data acquisition, analysis and decision support capability. Resulting benefits to healthcare providers and patients include shorter duration of treatment, improvements in quality of care, and lower cost.
Clinicians report IT-based products have multiple benefits including using less medication to achieve the desired patient treatment outcome, comprehensive spell of illness event tracking, correlation of medical data from multiple devices and monitoring sources showing in one single view (Dashboard), and simplicity of use.
We technologically assist clinicians by monitoring expected individual results and correlating expected treatment outcome. Clinicians can set thresholds for individual or multiple data sources, and multiple “expectation and result” events automatically.
Our paradigm transforms and transfers data to other medical systems in the standard expected by the other system. Clinicians can improve treatment alternatives and automate clinical workflow. Measurement of infusion pump medication and vital sign correlation is instantaneous and our IT improves the Medical Decision Support.
Differentiating common characteristics include single-view, cross medical specialty data standardization and integration, and multi-department and facility integration.

About Our Technology

Technology platform based on reusable components

In order to optimize the technology in the development of healthcare informatics applications, it is necessary to think about the development of components that can be reused in an unambiguous manner in order to build quickly and efficiently any information system that optimizes the clinical workflow centered in the Patient.

The set of components as a development toolbox or SDK can generate platforms that design global or customized solutions based on the real needs of each customer, regardless of their medical specialty or its scope. This SDK is “ready to use” for clinical practice and patient follow up and opens the door for a person-center diagnosis and interventions.

Technology as a Tool for Healthcare Professionals

The power and versatility of the Technology used in our platforms designed minimizes human error, maximizes clinical efficiency and patient safety, and reduces the cost of both: infrastructure and information system. The IT spectrum covers a wide range of environments including a simple doctor’s office, outpatient, clinics, and hospitals. Indeed, it can be scaled up to higher levels such as communities or even nation-wide scopes.

Technology is the door to universal access to health data, minimizing errors and duplication often present in EMRs, and maximizing the services offered by the medical staff, as well as the safety of patients. Our Technology framework integrative strategies to transform data into actionable knowledge, harboring semantic interoperability between medical devices, systems and networks.

Our Key Values

Patient Centered

Solutions focused on Electronic Health Records and automation of work procedures allowing the patient maximized control and effectiveness of therapies and treatments, reducing medical errors and improving the outcomes.

Integrated Solutions

Through integrated and interoperable systems based architectures, allowing view all the patient's medical information on one screen: Monitoring, Medication, Treatments, Clinical notes, Explorations, Scales, Evolutionary, Alerts, Results...

Our State of the Art Technology

We delivered tailored Clinical solutions with high value developed with and for medical personnel to solve the real needs of day to day in a simple, dynamic and effective way. Medikos core technology provides a scalable central architecture that can rapidly be customized to solve specific, complex healthcare clinical and IT requirements

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