Tree Of Life "TOL"

Creating a New Happier Society

Tree of Life is a new concept in training ourselves into a happier life.
TOL is a new Technological Platform that invites to know you into a new different way. Learn to enter into a new Emotional Balance Life today and every day.

Healthy Emotional Balance Platform

TOL it´s developed through a suite of applications and games which you can be customatized it depending on your likes. Certain applications can only be accessed if you get to a certain level or a certain goal. The applications are based on motivation and achieve a healthy and happy life.

TOL connects people to help people. We, ALL TOGETHER, can create a NEW CONNECTUS ERA.

We focus on the importance of living with a healthy emotional balance by improving the following aspects in our daily life: Exercise, Healthy Eating, Breathing, Practice Gratitude, Using your Senses, Changing your Viewpoint, Being Energized, Reflecting on the Good Things, Surrender, Dream Big, Refreshing Sleep, Addition Free.

The platform is based on your likes and with your own decision you´re creating your world.

Just practice grateful in every stressful situation search for one thing that you can say an honest thanks about. Fill every day with energy you have to generate energy if you want to have it, remember to take every chance you get to walk, stretch and move around.

Dream big or small refreshing daydreaming breaks help your mind integrate lessons and recuperate. Surrender and let life lead you down unexpected turns and you will discover magic in the most ordinary places.

Take the last moments of your day to reflect on the good things, seeing the negative experiences as learning and validate yourself for progress made towards your emotional, physical or career goals.

Mind Body & Spirit Well Being Technology

Tol is composed by different games and apps that handle with all the aspect of our life:

  • Good News:
    We are all connected sharing good news that happens near or far you that helps us to be focus on good things that happens every single day
  • Magic Treasure Box:
    Keep all you good memories, good sharing, good times and everything that make you smile in your Magic Treasure Box.
  • Precious Time:
    Allows you to find your best activities that make you feel better, like meditations, family time, fitness, books, blogs... everything that can make you smile make sure you do it and share that precious time, it would be multiple it.
  • Mirror Mirror:
    Make the change, look at yourself and be the best you can first with yourself and then share with everybody else.
  • Diary of Life:
    Create you memories in a digital diary with your media, content, music... just be the principal actor.
  • Ideas Network:
    Connecting people to help people!! Learn and teach how to create, to share, to be generous, to collaborate, just use your imagination and create OUR imagination into a new reality.
  • Ideas Network:
    Connecting people to help people!! Learn and teach how to create, to share, to be generous, to collaborate, just use your imagination and create OUR imagination into a new reality.

Tree of Life's Essence

Life is good, Life is exciting

Let´s learn how to life a happier life!! Let´s try to be the best you can!!.

Train and play with all the aspect of your life!!

  • Intellectual: Learn resources to expand knowledge, improve skills and experience life more fully.
  • Emotional: As you achieve emotional balance, you are able to identify your heart’s desires, take positive action, and make changes in your life.
  • Social: Buil a strong social support network and find your best activities that make you share and feel better.
  • Environmental: Being environmentally well enhances your personal health, and helps ensure the future health of our communities and the world.
  • Spiritual: Believe your spirituality and personal faiths are secret elixirs in your life.
  • Occupational: Seek personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through a work that you love.
  • Financial: Satisfaction with your current ans future financial situation. Money like a way to life not the reason for life.
  • Physical: Take good care of your physical body. Be in armony with your physical activity, nutrition, sex, and sleep.
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