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Increasing the Level of Patient Care

Medikos is a company founded with the mission of Providing smart tools and the best technology solutions to optimize clinical care processes.


Our vision is to Improve the quality of care in clinical environment: Improving healthcare provider work processes results in more patient smile and Hope.

Medikos is a company focus and specialized in Healthcare IT software development. Medikos developed, patented, and commercialized five families of breakthrough medical data acquisition and interoperability, medical management and social solutions. Through use of the Company’s proprietary core technology, multiple advanced industry-standard networking features, and Smartphone technology. Medikos products provide innovative medical data acquisition, analysis and decision support capability.

Medikos products are distinguished by powerful innovative technology. Differentiating common characteristics include single-view, cross medical specialty data standardization, and multi-department and facility integration. Medikos products provide differentiation from other products in their ability to normalize data, detect anomalies, cross functions, and deliver meaningful and useful “dashboard” display of single-view multi-chapter patient data in real time.

Mr. Solé Medikos’ Founder

He is the visionary leader of the core technology and products of the company. Mr. Solé specializes in physics applied to medicine and analyst programmer with extensive experience in the acquisition, normalization and intelligent use of clinical data. Previously, Mr. Solé started his career at WHO progressing through international companies until he decided to create his first company in 2001.

"To have success in the software development products or services it is crucial to align the Knowledge with the technology otherwise we will lose the focus of performance and outcomes desired.

We believe that IT systems are evolving and the future will be based in Intelligent Systems that are capable to interact with the End User and deliver real Decision Support based in Machine Learning mechanism that will expose the good data in real time to act fast in a secure mode.

Everything need to get connected to don’t lose information, and with everything I mean Hardware, Software, Networks and People. Interoperability and Normalization are the Keys to success.


The New IT paradigm based in Intelligent Transformation of medical knowledge into actionable knowledge (translational science) could evolve into a new “Blue Ocean Strategy” for the Medical Device Connectivity Healthcare market segment with potential benefits as:

1.Any Facility, Institution or Specialty will be supported

2.Focus in the real actor: the patient

3.Helping the people who are important for the security of this actor: Physicians, Nurses and technicians that will benefits of a single interface to have all the information embedded and they will be assisted through our Medical Decision Support to better define diagnosis, procedures and prevent organ failures."


Mr. Alberto Solé

Connecting Anything, Anywhere using the last and best Technology.
Smart Patient Centered Solutions based on your real and concrete needs.
Medical Imaging
From Image Archiving to Dicom Viewer using our service oriented platform.
Home Care Health
Patient Follow-up Solution integrated with any Healthcare Entity.
Social Technology
We are all connected through a wellbeing force focus on happiness.

New IT Healthcare Paradigm

Medikos technology provides innovative medical data acquisition, analysis and decision support capability. Resulting benefits to healthcare providers and patients include shorter duration of treatment, improvements in quality of care, and lower cost.
Clinicians report IT-based products have multiple benefits including using less medication to achieve the desired patient treatment outcome, comprehensive spell of illness event tracking, correlation of medical data from multiple devices and monitoring sources showing in one single view (Dashboard), and simplicity of use.
We technologically assists clinicians by monitoring expected individual results and correlating expected treatment outcome. Clinicians can set thresholds for individual or multiple data sources, and multiple “expectation and result” events automatically.
Our paradigm transforms and transfers data to other medical systems in the standard expected by the other system. Clinicians can improve treatment alternatives and automate clinical workflow. Measurement of infusion pump medication and vital sign correlation is instantaneous and our IT improves the Medical Decision Support.

Medikos Solutions

Our solutions are based on realize your dreams aligning your knowledge with our technology to achieve the desired goal: the success of your project.
Our solutions are developed with and by medical personnel, side by side, creating customized solutions to address the real needs of everyday life.
We have built the architecture and content, following the Bottom-Up processes starting by the collection of Clinical Data and Medical Devices connectivity, the workflow oriented modules based in in daily workflow and business rules up to the Managers and Decision makers control on data, activity and costs evaluating the outcomes and efficiency of the global solution.
Medikos implements solutions with its exclusive and unique methodology that allows you to make any project or challenge you want to perform inside your organization.
President and CEO
Alberto Solé is a visionary and entrepreneur with high and sensitive technical and human qualities. He likes working with people and meet new challenges.
Marketing Director
Sara Enríquez is an excellent professional with expertise in marketing and sensitivity of things well done. She improves the vision of each product using her marketing skills.
IT Director
Paul Fages is an extraordinary technologist with strong skills in many computational science and he has a very good and professional behavior on every situation.
Business Advisor
Mr. Viscomi is a technology-commercialization business executive with 30+ years’ experience creating and collaborating with Fortune 50 corporations.

Latest News

April 2016

FAST Tele-radiology

Medikos is pleased to put into pre-production FAST teleradiology platform for the Mobile Medical Imaging Company AMX which will allow to perform the workflow on the Cloud by integrating medical imaging devices. In a multi-platform we integrate its workflow with any institution and improving the quality of service.


February 2016

HIMSS 2016

Medikos participated in Las Vegas with the Miami Children Health System in the largest fair of Healthcare IT: HIMSS2016 (Hall of Innovation). It's new Interoperability and data intelligence were the key of success. Medikos exposed the clinical data and predictability algorithm in a unique Intelligent Medical Dashboard.


April 2014

Top Innovator at Life Science & Healthcare

Medikos is excited and honored to have been selected and included amongst this very elite group of youngStartup Ventures Top finalists. The CEO presented the company at the exclusive 2014 Life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit on April 2nd at the Digital Sandbox.


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