Healthcare requires capture, normalize and analyze clinical data to ensure interoperability at three levels:

1- Networks

2 - Devices

3 - IT systems


In a market of healthcare technology, often biased by heterogeneous, non-collaborative and non-interacting medical systems, the main actors (physicians, doctors, nurses…) require efficient environments to avoid feeling overloaded by the use of systems that consume excessive time, resources and efforts. Actually, the different IT solutions (EMR, PHR, HER, PDMS, etc.) currently provided by manufacturers rely on a rigid and airtight system, based on specific and narrow views of clinical information. These approaches tend to be very rigid in terms of interoperability, resulting poor interfaces between distinct sources of information and displaying little or absence of maneuver execution.

Medikos' with its new paradigm of medical information system based on converting the available medical knowledge into actionable knowledge (translational science), provides access to “all” clinical patient information in a fast, intuitive and efficient way independently of the profile or healthcare target institution. This information is “ready to use” for clinical practice and patient follow up and opens the door for a person-center diagnosis and interventions. The robust, friendly and intelligent system performs all functions and procedures associated with patient medical record for each user of the system, without being intrusive and without losing information, interoperating with any source of information such as system or medical device. Medikos Connectivity Platform aims to become the standard of clinical information system that can cover any medical specialty for any user profile.



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